Buy Here Pay Here Cars In Ohio

If you are looking for a quality used vehicle but are worried about a less-than-ideal credit score, JDBNOW could be the answer. With our unique financing options, you don’t need a spotless credit history to get a great car. We have an extensive selection of buy here pay here cars in Ohio to fit your needs and budget. Even if you don’t find the right vehicle today, let us know what you may be looking for, we have buyers who are out searching for the best vehicles for our inventory selection. We can find you the vehicle to fit your needs.

How Does “Buy Here Pay Here” Work?

Our buy here pay here auto sales model is based around our exceptional in-house financing. With JDBNOW, you don’t have to worry about being approved by a bank or other outside lender. If you buy used vehicles directly through us, you will benefit from greater flexibility, superior service and a clear-cut process.

We will be honest and up front about what is possible for your situation. In fact, you may even be eligible for instant pre-approval, which means you could drive away in one of our buy here pay here used cars as soon as the paperwork is signed. There is no uncertainty with JDBNOW, only a straightforward and sympathetic car-buying experience.


In addition to offering a great loan for one of our top-quality buy here pay here trucks and cars, you will also receive the best customer service. We believe in what we call the “4 R’s:” respect, reality, reliability and relationships. That means you can expect professional service, dependable cars, flexible financing and responsible maintenance after the sale.

To find your next car and experience the JDBNOW difference, fill out the credit application here. Then, one of our representatives will get back to you to discuss the next steps.