• When you buy from JDBNOW, you become part of our family. Your success is our success.

  • Over 1.5 million happy customers means we must be doing something right.

  • We're independent, locally owned, built on a 50-year-old family business.

We get it. Buying a car isn’t much fun. There’s a reason why clichés and stereotypes about used car lots exist. Thing is, if JDBNOW was like all the clichés, we’d be out of business. But we stand on a very different business model, one that ties our success to yours. JDBNOW goes all the way back to the 1970s, when Byrider was born as a family business. Yeah, we've dropped the J and the D, but the same values held true for us then as they do today. Our business is all about the relationships we build with people like you.

When you purchase a car with JDBNOW, you become part of our family. We distinguish ourselves by a set of powerful core beliefs—let’s call them the 4 Rs of the JDBNOW Franchise Experience. We’re sure you’ll get behind these beliefs, too. Because ultimately, they’re all about serving our greatest asset—you.


We believe that everyone is deserving and worthy of respect. We tell it like it is. When you come visit us, whether you choose to make a purchase or not, we promise that you will be heard, seen, and understood. We don't see ourselves as a car dealer or as a traditional "buy here pay here" lot.


We don’t believe in BS, fast talk, or “playing with the numbers.” Step into one of our locations and sit down with one of our team members, and you will only get real talk about what’s possible. We are confident we can get you on the road the same day you come in. But we’re not going to promise you a vehicle you can’t afford. We’re never going to stretch you past your limits. Our personalized process is all about setting honest expectations and making the car-buying experience something that’s attainable. We want to see you succeed, and the way we talk financing supports that.


We don’t believe in selling just any car, but one that is reliable and affordable. What’s the point of buying a vehicle if it’s not going to get you where you need to go, and when you need to get there? At JDBNOW, we only offer cars with certified AutoCheck clean titles, and before they become lot-ready, we recondition them and inspect them using our 92-point process. On average, we put over $2,000 into each vehicle before it gets added to our inventory.

We are so dedicated to our quality standards that the cars we offer are backed by our exclusive Unlimited Mile Service Agreement. And if anything ever goes wrong, each of our locations has an on-site repair center to take care of it. We are doing everything in our power to overturn the stigma of used cars. Sure, lemons definitely have a home—it’s called lemonade. You’ll find that our service and protection go above and beyond any comparable dealer.


We get that sh$t happens, and life isn’t easy. That's why we believe in second chances. When you walk through our doors, we’re going to be 100% straight with you. So we need you to be straight with us, too. Our best customers are the ones who understand that trust is everything in this business, and that it’s a two-way street. We know you need a car to stay afloat, and maybe you’ve been turned away elsewhere. So let us get to know you and understand your circumstances. That way, we can figure out the best way to serve you and the best options for your specific needs. If you’re open and honest about your financial situation, we promise to have your back.